BTN a woman- (and mom-) owned and operated company, was established in 1989 in Orange County. Since that time we have become well known and respected in the industry as being the number one resource for babies, kids and teens in town. We take a lot of pride in what we do, and we are confident to say that we are the best!

Our staff consists of mothers who have personal and professional experience in the modeling and talent industries. We are able to share with you our hot tips for the business and how to best prepare your child for auditions as well as relate to you, as a parent, as only another parent can.

We have has many success stories. The following is just a sampling of the many commercials, TV shows, film and printwork done by our talented tots.

Apple Computer
Subway Disney
Pampers Old Navy
Dexter Mattel Target
Michelin Tires Macy's Baby Gap
Clorox Bleach Guess Looney Tunes
Saving Grace Ralph Lauren Heroes
Gerber Foods Got Milk? Juicy Juice
Bank of America Everybody Hates Chris Hannah Montana
AT&T Fisher-Price Verizon
Young & The Restless Carnation Chex Cereal
Suave Eleventh Hour Blue Cross
Levi's Johnson & Johnson Ghost Whisperer

BTN provides many services. The most valued advantage is the placement of our talent with one of the top children's agencies in town! The agencies we work with are well established and highly respected licensed talent agencies in the Los Angeles area. Another service is the "networking" of our talent to various agents representing children for printwork.

There are many agencies in Los Angeles that represent children. Our placement service eliminates the parent from having to call all these agents, mailing pictures, and following up, driving to the agency, paying for parking, etc. Without a referral, deciding what agency can best represent your child, can be a difficult task.

We have been placing talent with these agencies for 20 years! Most large agencies don't have the staff to keep up with the ever-changing statistics of a baby. It takes extra work with that age group, because they are constantly changing.

Our staff is here working for you, to answer your questions, and most importantly, making sure your child's pictures are getting in front of casting directors for consideration by submitting every BTN client photo that fits a casting description, and also by providing an on-line casting resource to casting directors and printwork photographers.


IF YOU LIVE WITHIN 200 MILES OF LOS ANGELES and would like to find out if your child could become part of BTN Kids, please do the following:

  1. Register for free to our community.
  2. Fill out the community profile for you (not your child)
  3. Send a note thru "Contact us" with SEEKING Representation in the Subject Line.
  4. Include your child's name and date of birth in the note.
  5. If we have an opening in your child's age/type we will contact you with further information on how your child could possibly become part of BTN Kids.

IF YOU LIVE FURTHER THAN 200 MILES OF LOS ANGELES and would like a review of your child's potential in the entertainment industry, please review the services offered through our store.


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