AvatarSubscribe Congratulations your child booked the job!  Does the work end here?  No it doesn't.  There is still a lot expected of you, as a parent, while working on the set with your child.  Be prepared!

1.  What is the most...

AvatarSubscribe Keep photos updated and fresh!  Babies don't need professional photos.  BTN can show you how to do it yourself!

This is a business, and it's a business of marketing and selling products.  The faces of your beautiful...

AvatarSubscribe Is this the secret?  Well I do believe it is one of them.  Kids like to have fun.  We all learn as parents that to get your child to do something if we make it fun they are more likely to do it and enjoy it!

I learned...

AvatarSubscribe What goes on inside that audition room once your child prances off and the door closes?  What does the Casting Director ask your child and what is your child supposed to say to them?

What usually happens at an audition...

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